Thursday, 29 June 2017

No More Budget For Quality Education

For most parents who aren’t wealthy enough, a good education is the only gift they can give their children to help them get ahead in life. With quality education comes better opportunities to succeed in life. It is why many will do their best to get a college degree despite the odds because most good companies won’t just hire anyone who isn't qualified for the job.

The problem is that a good education does not come cheap. Aside from the hefty tuition fees, you also have to pay for other miscellaneous expenses that can accumulate over time. While you can go to school for free in public schools, parents who only want the best for their kids often opt to send them to private schools instead. And these days, going to public school may just be as costly as private schools without sufficient federal funding. Yes, it’s a big possibility looming on the horizon now and it is making many parents and students across the country worried sick.

U.S. Education secretary Betsy DeVos found herself on the hot seat again this week, testifying before a Senate appropriations subcommittee, defending President Donald Trump's 2018 education budget.

President Trump proposed a $59 billion federal education budget, cutting more than $9 billion, or 13 percent, from current levels.

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., chairs the committee and opened by telling DeVos, "This is a difficult budget request to defend," and saying the proposal likely will not be adopted as is.

This was DeVos' second time defending President Donald Trump's 2018 education budget, having been grilled at a House appropriations committee hearing on May 24.


K12 education will suffer the most with a 13% budget cut estimated at $60 million but the entire education system will get hit by these budget cuts. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has a hard time defending why the need for all these budget cuts that will also affect federal funding for teacher support. If Trump wishes to push for these budget cuts, will he really be able to make America great again at the expense of many of his constituents? Even the “Forgiveness Program” will cease to exist, a program that urges graduates to work in the government so their student debt will be paid off after rendering ten years in service.

Just the numbers tell a surprising story: Program cuts totaling $9 billion from the Education Department’s $68 billion budget and $1.4 billion for school choice, including new money for states that embrace vouchers. Families could use the vouchers to offset tuition at private schools.

The budget proposal would eliminate more than 20 education programs that benefit children from low-income families and those with disabilities. The proposed cuts include an after-school program that serves mostly low-income students, would take money away from career and technical education, cut Special Olympics education programs and a number of other programs. Many of these make up a small part of Washington’s education budget.

But the real danger in the Trump administration’s education budget is that it shows where President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would like tax dollars increasingly to go in the future — toward private schools, including religious institutions. The Washington state Constitution specifically prohibits state dollars going to religious schools, so Washington could not benefit from this program even if the citizens thought it was a good idea, which it is not


For those against this budget cut, they see this move as a way to promote for education privatization and the initial steps to entirely abandoning public education for good. It is a big problem for low-income families who can barely make both ends meet but still try their best to put their children to school. Even with the help of vouchers and support from the local government, they would still have a hard time doing so. These policies question the existence of public education in the first place. If Trump gets his way, he’d make people work hard for everything they get from the government even if it means sacrificing the quality of education young Americans gets.

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